Service Providers

Service Providers

Service providers can assist your needs when it comes to the OpenMenu Platform or provide you an important component for your development needs.

Service providers are companies/individuals who can assist others when working with the OpenMenu Platform or developers who are providing components to other developers. These companies provide assistance on everything from API development to Wordpress integration to Menu conversions to providing 3rd party API that work on the OpenMenu Platform.

Help Support OpenMenu by supporting companies who are familiar, and comfortable, with our menu platform.

For Restaurants


Glenn Rice - Web developer experienced with PHP, MySQL, and WordPress, with a special interest in databases and structured data (XML). Wordpress Integration, PHP/MySQL Development


Brand React - We will enter and maintain all information on your menu for you in and assist you in printing your menu or posting it on your own website, your Facebook Fan Page and in Review Sites on the web like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Menu Entry, Facebook Integration

For Developers

Are you a developer who is comfortable working with the OpenMenu Platform? Are you a company providing solutions to power restaurant apps/websites/solutions? Would you like to provide your services to companies looking to outsource their work with the OpenMenu Platform? If yes, then please contact us. (**must provide examples of work and a link to the page on your company website discussing how you support the OpenMenu Platform)