OpenMenu Registrar

OpenMenu Registrar

OpenMenu Registrars are, to put it simply, the only place to officially manage an OpenMenu, becoming the main interface between a restaurant and the OpenMenu Platform. Creating an open system which is more convenient for the restaurants and empowering companies who interface with restaurants.

An open, inter-connected, system allowing a restaurant the ability to manage their menu at multiple locations. Once a restaurant is part of the OpenMenu Platform they can go to any OpenMenu Registrar to manage their menu and information.

OpenMenu Registrar Overview
overview of OpenMenu Registrars
  • The main interface between a restaurant and the OpenMenu Platform
  • Where all editing of a menu/restaurant information takes place
  • An open system for maintaing a restaurant's menu and information
  • Restaurants are not tied to a single location to manage their menus
  • Get direct access to Register, Update and Remove a restaurant from the OpenMenu Platform


Contact OpenMenu if your company provides a complete online solution for restaurants and you would like to be consider to become an OpenMenu Registrar.