OpenMenu API - location

This API has been replaced with the new OpenMenu API

Locate restaurants based on location information.

Call[API_KEY] + parameters


  • key

    developers key for access to the API format: api key required

  • output

    format of the output response format: xml | json (default: xml) not required

  • offset

    offset of results to get (paging) format: integer (max 100) (default: 0) not required

  • all

    Determines if non-active restaurants are returned format: empty parameter (true if present) not required

  • order

    sort order for the returned results format: du (date updated) | rn (restaurant name) not required (defaults to du)

  • name

    full or partial name of a restaurant to limit results to format: string not required

  • city

    full or partial city / town to search format: string required if postal code not passed

  • state

    state or province to limit update results to format: 2 characters (two-digit code) not required

  • postal_code

    postal_code to limit update results to format: string required if city not passed

  • country

    country to limit update results to format: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 not required

Return Values

  • restaurant_name

    name of the restaurant format: 2 - 255 characters

  • business_type

    classification for the restaurants business type format: Franchisee | Corporate | Independent

  • address_1

    primary address of the restaurant format: 2 - 120 characters

  • city_town

    city or town of the restaurant format: 2 - 50 characters

  • state_province

    state or Province of the restaurant format: 2 characters (two-digit code)

  • country

    country of the restaurant format: 2 characters (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)

  • latitude

    latitude for the restaurant format: 0 - 10 characters: (-)nn.nnnnnn

  • longitude

    longitude for the restaurant format: 0 - 11 characters: (-)nnn.nnnnnn

  • openmenu_id

    the OpenMenu ID for the restaurant format: UUID v4

  • accuracy

    the Accuracy value for the restaurant format: numeric 1-9

  • registrar

    registrar in control of the restaurant format: string

  • date_updated

    date of last update format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss (ISO 8601)

  • omf_file_url

    OpenMenu URL for the restaurant format: 11 - 120 characters starting with http://

  • status

    Status for the restaurant format: active | deleted

Return Status Codes

  • 200

    successful call

  • 204

    call resulted in an empty resultset

  • 400

    api key is missing

  • 417

    missing required parameters

  • 401

    incorrect API key

Sample Response


  • must specify postal code, city/state, city/country or city/state/country parameters
  • postal code can be appended to city based calls
  • order by: restaurant name is ascending, date updated is descending