OpenMenu API - Documentation

The official documentation for the OpenMenu API.

The OpenMenu API is located and powered by All calls will be an call.

API Calls

  • crosswalk
    Access to crosswalks and their connections to an OpenMenu
  • location
    Locate restaurants based on location information
  • menu
    Locate information on menu items and identify a unique ID in our platform
  • restaurant
    Locate restaurants based on restaurant information
  • updates
    Find what OpenMenu's have been been added, removed and changed.
  • validate
    Validate an OpenMenu to the current OpenMenu Format.

Response Format

sample response
Return Values
  • status

    the status of the request format: http status code

  • api_version

    which version of the API was used for the request format: numberic (ex. 1.0)

  • format

    this will always return rest format: rest

  • api_key

    the API key used for the request format: api key

Sample Response