About OpenMenu

The only way for the restaurant industry to progress forward in the digital age is to scrap the old methods of presenting, sharing, distributing and working with the detailed information about a restaurant (including, and probably most importantly, all information about their menus) and adopt a new, standardized, centralized way. This is where OpenMenu fits in perfectly. We are about providing open standards for the restaurant industry to create common languages for the information that means the most to restaurants. Having a common standard means not only the restaurant can use this to power their online presence but companies can easily share the restaurants information amongst themselves. Our first standard is the OpenMenu Format - a single, consistent specification to fully and wholly describe a restaurant and its menu items. This is the first standard of its kind and we are happy to be leading the industry with our restaurant based standards and systems. We will continue developing the OpenMenu Format and hope to be releasing new standards for the benefit of the restaurant industry in the near future.

OpenMenu Overview
overview of the OpenMenu Platform
  • Creating a standard for restaurant menus where no standard exists
  • Menu and restaurant information stay in the control of the restaurant
  • One centralized location for all restaurant menus
  • Open access to menus and restaurant information given to companies/developers
  • One menu to maintain, in one location, shared everywhere


All restaurants should visit OpenMenu.com to get your restaurant onto the OpenMenu Platform. Getting an account is free, adding your menu is easy.

  • No cost for restaurants to manage one restaurant
  • Manage multiple restaurants in a single account for a low yearly fee


Our Specifications
  • No licensing fees for use of the OpenMenu Format standard
  • Can be incorporated freely into any code, database, application, website, component (or similar). License or attribution to OpenMenu is not required
  • No cost for use or access
  • Access to OpenMenus are publically available at all times
  • Attribution to OpenMenu is required
  • Enterprise level access removes attribution requirement. Costing is on a case-by-case basis dependant upon usage
  • Can use and render any information obtained in an OpenMenu
  • Detailed information can be located in our standard Terms of Service
OpenMenu API
  • Premium accounts get 750 calls/day and Enterprise access gets custom daily limits based requirements (API requests that do not meet the requirements may be approved and limited to 25 or 100 calls/day)
  • Under Premium accounts attribution to OpenMenu is required where data is obtained from an OpenMenu or API
  • Can use and render any information obtained
  • Detailed information can be located in our API Terms of Service